Talking about environmental sustainability at Clementoni is like leafing through an old family photo album. Yes, because the theme was already present in the founder's vision in times when sustainable brand positioning was a rare and probably unshaped concept. This is because our company bases its foundations on a continuous dialogue with its territory with which it has always been committed to maintaining a harmonious relationship.


Nowadays our Brand has been measuring a quite peculiar record in our industry. 90% of production takes place in Italy in our facilities and is very often the result of a short supply chain. A singular fact for a multi-category toy company, isn’t it? For years our attention has been focused on the recycling and valorization of our industrial waste (in particular paper, cardboard and plastic) deriving from our processing activities. More recently, our focus has expanded to new low-impact materials capable of reducing the environmental footprint of our products. This is the case of “Play For Future”, a new line of products made of 100% recycled materials. We are convinced that we have taken the right path for a more long-termed project, which started some time ago from our territory and will continue programmatically and progressively with a dual purpose: playing a positive role in society and raising awareness among kids.


The new generations of consumers are more aware. To date, their purchase choice is not determined by how much brands shout about their green feature. Rather, their choice is influenced by other factors, one above all the desire to share values ​​and visions with the brands they buy. This is why we believe that the evolution of the industry will be rapid and inevitable and the progress achieved by companies will also make a difference in competitive terms. Furthermore, straightforward European policies on circular economy will require all companies to have a more sustainable approach and Clementoni is determined to meet all the expectations and to be a good example to follow.
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